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As a master Pilates instructor since 2008, Alyse Farkas has worked with thousands of clients, helping them look and feel better. Her customized classes, which have been sold out for 13+ years, are a testimony to her knowledge of the body, her motivational techniques and her goal-oriented client support that sets her apart as one of the premier Pilates instructors in Southern California.

Alyse is renowned for challenging her clients to push harder in her rigorous classes leaving practitioners initially exhausted, but then renewed and replenished with energy. She focuses on the whole body helping clients strengthen all their muscle groups, especially their core, which wraps the skeleton for perfect posture and impacts the back and joints.

As the founder of Reformacore, Alyse is fiercely dedicated to not only helping her clients get into shape, but also live pain free, a world that was very familiar to her when she was in her early twenties. Too often, she found herself suffering with excruciating back pain. X-rays confirmed scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. Her orthopedic surgeon recommended physical therapy, including Pilates exercises, which strengthened the core muscles around her spine to help with alignment and correct posture. Thrilled with the relief from periodic back pain and from weeks in bed every few months, Alyse decided to dedicate herself to helping others. She threw herself into becoming an expert at Pilates and took a rigorous physical and written exam to become a certified Stott Pilates instructor. “I’m passionate about Pilates,” said Alyse, who has not had debilitating back pain since she started Pilates training in 2005.

Today Alyse works with private clients, many of whom take her Advanced Power Pilates Class, which she created. Known as a challenging workout, the Advanced Power Class attracts participants interested in pushing their endurance levels and achieving strong core muscles contributing to a healthy and energetic body, which looks good and feels great.




Faina earned her comprehensive Pilates teacher certification, Barrels (Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, and Baby Arc) certification, and prenatal/postnatal certification, from Pilates Sports Center (PSC).

Her journey into Pilates began after she underwent corrective scoliosis (a curvature of the spine) surgery. The surgery took a heavy toll on her body, so she initially turned to Pilates to rehabilitate. As she advanced, she began to rely on it as her primary form of exercise because of its numerous benefits: improved posture, flexibility, balance, stamina, and the ability to build long and lean muscles. She ultimately decided to leave the corporate banking world behind in order to teach Pilates full-time.

For Faina, Pilates is no ordinary exercise – it’s a lifesaver. Her passion is to help others transform their lives by not only reaching their fitness goals, but surpassing them.





Originally from Colorado Springs, CO, McKenna played volleyball for over 12 years and competed in NCAA Women’s Division 1 Volleyball at Colorado State University. After spending years doing weight and agility training, she began searching for a safer, more effective way to work out. She found Pilates and fell in love with the results.


Her passion for fitness drove her to become an instructor in order to begin assisting others in transforming their lives. Whether she’s working with longtime athletes or Pilates newcomers, she believes everyone has the ability to go beyond their perceived limitations in order to achieve the health goals set for themselves. 

McKenna trained with STOTT Pilates, where she received her comprehensive Pilates Reformer certification with a focus on Cadillac and Chair apparatuses.

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